Deadlift 101 Workshop
The Hangar and Hostyle Conditioning ..

"How to build and develop a great Deadlift.
Whether you're a novice lifter wanting to learn how to deadlift
or a newbie powerlifter looking to do your first meet or improve your performance for your next meet!"

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Jan 7th

From 12 noon to 3 pm

Presented by

Team Hostyle Powerlifting

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We're Going To Show You...

  • The Biomechanics of the Conventional and Sumo Deadlift

  • Mobility problem solving - Find out where your losing power off the floor

  • Assistance Exrecises - 5 critcial exercises to give you a better deadlift in 30 days

  • Review of your own deadlift - have a coach critique and review your deadlift

    and a 6 week deadlift program to build a better deadlift!

WARNING: Space is limited to 15 people these LIVE Workshops always fill up because they are significantly better due to the hands on nature and the use of a great facility like the Hangar

This one will be no exception. So claim your spot below!

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