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"Discover the Truth - The Personal Training Business has very little to do with getting you results"

What the big Box gyms don't want you to know

HINT: Personal training is not about the client

1 - It's all about getting the sale
2 - for them success isn't about your results it's about the size of the contract you sign
3 - They push for LONG term commitments on the spot
4 - Blinding pressure sales tactics 


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“Personal Training needs to be done correctly. It's one the best ways to get a person healthy and strong while making them functional again and losing weight.
I'm sick of the garbage thats in the industry right now.
I created Hostyle to be the difference that people deserve."

Curd Hos - Owner Hostyle Conditioning

Personal Training is a multi - billion dollar business!

Too many people are being ripped off - under serviced + pressured into crazy commitment contracts and worst of all getting stuck with poor quality trainers they never even got a chance to know before signing up.

  • Coach Rox

    From being 50 lbs overweight to winning 3 rd place medals in bikini fitness competition

    Coach Rox - has been there and done that. She is a dynamo of energy and fun. Yet she is a straight shooter and tells it like it is. She will hold you accountable and motivate you to creating the new you.

  • Coach Greg

    Left the government to pursue his passion for training and helping people

    Coach Greg - He is energetic and positive while putting you through tough workouts. He is driven towards helping you achieve the best you! He holds you accountable to your goals!

How we believe PERSONAL TRAINING should be done

Done right personal training is an incredible tool to really help men and women rebuild themselves.
Determining your strength and weaknesses when you start is critical for real success.
This can't be done in just one session especially it's really just a "sales" session.

How we do Personal Training differently.

We use a 5 session method to accurately detremine your strengths and weaknesses. We also have more time to get to know you and you get to know your potential trainer as well. 

Session #1 
Measurements - Goals - Mobility testing. We take you through our warm up routine to see how you move and get you "comfortable" being in our facility

Session #2
Strength testing - How strong are you? - what can you do - what can't you do. What hurts - what doesn't. Now we are getting know each other a bit more

Session #3
Cardio testing - we need to see how "fit" you are.

The good news is we know so much more about you already we won't be testing you on 20 burpees if your not at that level. 

Session #4 and #5
We start workin the plan. Doing workouts that are specifically targeted for you

After these first 5 sessions..
We can show what options we have from that point 

That's it - NO pressure - NO Sales tactics.

After 5 sessions you have gotten to know your Coach, more about yourself and more about what we can do to help you continue to progress and achieve you health and fitness goals


Personal Training Jump Start Package

One of our most popular options to get people started or tune up their existing training Programs

5 Sessions for $250 ( thats 40% off our regular rate)

But Wait you don't just get Personal Training with this Package

Here's everything included ....

 5 sessions of 1 on 1 training 60 mins with one of our coaches ($ 425 Value)

Goal setting and the  The Hostyle Food Plan ($75 Value)

Open Gym Membership
1 month access to the "Hangar" our private gym ($100 Value)

1 month of our Hostyle Bootcamp ( $149 Value)

Look Cool
Kick Ass Hostyle T - Shirt ($20 Value )

All for $250 ( $769 Value)


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What Actual Clients Have To Say!

  • I've been training with Roxy for almost six months now and she has made an enormous impact on my life.
    Not only have I gained strength, flexibility and endurance, I've gained a whole different perspective on life. Her positivity is infectious!.
    I knew the moment I met with her she was the perfect fit for me as a trainer.  Now, not only is she my trainer, but a friend.
    She always has an encouraging word, a gentle hand, an open ear and a shoulder for support

    Shonda - Orleans

  • Exceptional Coach, Mentor, Confident, and Friend.... those are just a few words to describe a coach that has helped change my life.
    Roxy is one of the new coaches at Hostyle that I have had the privilege of training with.
    She comes to every class with a smile on her face, and sometimes even a special glow in her eyes when she has additional work for me to do in class, like extra burpees or extra reps for certain exercises.

    Catherine "Cat" - Orleans

  • "When I started training with Rox, I was at a low point in my life, self-esteem was crushed, at its lowest.
    My first day of training, I was very nervous, she made feel comfortable and at ease, we hit it off from the get go.
    She is truly amazing and does her job well and exceeds at it.
    She makes me feel great about myself, she knows how to bring me to place I never imagined I can go or push myself and it makes me want to work harder.
    After 3 months, my
    self-esteem is back, I feel strong and beautiful again. I want to get better and never give up and I know she will get me where I want to be.
    I am inspired by her, she really encourages me to be better and stronger. She is my trainer/coach but also I consider her my friend.
    Hostyle is very lucky to have Roxy Rox and  I'm looking forward to continue working with her so I can CRUSH IT!!!"

    Jojo Boushey - Orleans

  • I would like to take a few minutes to tell you about my experience with Coach Greg. I have been training with him for almost a year and he has shown me I am capable of things I would never imagined possible. I came to Hostyle at 250 plus pounds without a clue.
    I spent some time in Conditioning but hit a wall. Coach Greg talked to me about taking it to a whole different level. Since then I have reached and exceeded goals that I did not think we're possible. Coach Greg has taken a serious interest in my health and training.
    Anything I have needed he has been there, when I don't think I can do something he is the devil on my shoulder telling me to push on.
    When I start to get off track he is there to get my focus back. I can honestly say that if not for Coach Greg there is no way I would be sitting at 215 pounds in the best shape of my life.
    Shit I competed in a power lifting competition!!!  I would recommend coach Greg for anyone who wants more out of life and their training.
    Thanks for everything you guys do

    Matt Sutherland- Orleans

  • "The last two months have been the best training of my life. I can thank Greg for that.... He's a madman. But he's the best."

    Dan - Orleans

  • "I have been working out with Greg for about 6 months now.  Our workouts are a lot of hard work, but I always feel a sense of accomplishment once the session is done.  The workouts are progressively challenging, and Greg does introduce new exercises; so boredom never sets in. 
    He is also good at correcting my form and technique with each exercise.  Greg is very personable and easy going; which makes the workouts more bearable!  Everyone at Hostyle (staff and members) is genuinely friendly, and it is a great atmosphere!"

    Jennifer - Orleans